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Luckily, you can Change Everything.

I am doing ok so far. It's a tough recovery, but with small steps I am on the right path. The past night was very painful, but a new day has just begun and I am smiling towards the sun, realising that the nut is finally cracked.  Thank you so much for your thoughts, wishes, messages,… Continue reading Luckily, you can Change Everything.

chronic pain, my journey, surgery, vascular compression syndromes

The Odds are With me

More photos than text, but the pain and nausea decided to turn it up. Tomorrow, the nut will finally be cracked. Renal autotransplantation to treat Nutcracker Syndrome/LPHS - a condition that causes major flank pain (kidney stones like, but 24/7), nausea and various other symptoms-....of an abdomen that underwent several other major surgeries in the… Continue reading The Odds are With me

my journey, surgery, vascular compression syndromes

Same Place, Same Time

Hopeful news: I am undergoing renal autotransplantation on July 9 at the same hospital as last year (Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Serene Serendipity Flows With Serendipitous Serenity). It will be a challenge, but I trust the surgeons. During the renal autotransplantation my left kidney will be transplanted into my pelvis. The previous surgeries make it quite complicated… Continue reading Same Place, Same Time

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This Too Shall Pass.

Sorry for the long break. I deeply hope you are all doing as well as possible. In difficult times we grow together and new ways of support arise. I don't want to complain about my current state or involve any more people that might worry about me in these troubled times. We try to manage… Continue reading This Too Shall Pass.

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You Don’t Get Over It, You Get Through It

Things aren’t great. Flank pain. Nausea. Vomiting. Chest pain. Stomach pain. Severe dizziness. Fainting. Headaches… What a wonderful daily routine. In between, my body always knows how to entertain us even better****. I am currently living of opioids mixed with other yummy substances. I am laying down most of the day, but I still suffer from… Continue reading You Don’t Get Over It, You Get Through It