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Gratitude in Good Times and in Bad

Right now I am looking outside the window of our local hospital into the summer sky. I would like to go outside, but I am connected to the parenteral nutrition and in too much flank pain anyway. I am very grateful for the nutrition and a wonderful room that the great doctor here organised. I… Continue reading Gratitude in Good Times and in Bad


Autotransplantation, Butterflies and Calculations

First of all: We found a new flat! It was quite difficult to find something which we could finance and Bo would accept and where Bo would be accepted. We are very happy and excited now. I am laying in my bed in my new room which is packed with books and notes, clothes and stuff… Continue reading Autotransplantation, Butterflies and Calculations


Many Thanks!

Herzlichen Dank an die JugendKunstWerkstatt Koblenz e.V., an all die (ehemaligen) Artisten und das Publikum der Benefizveranstaltung. Ich hätte niemals gedacht, dass eine so große Summe an Spenden zusammenkommen würde! Unfassbar! Noch glücklicher macht es mich zu wissen welchen großen Spaß ihr hattet! Ich freue mich schon auf den Tag an dem ich mein Einrad wieder… Continue reading Many Thanks!